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Collect the most recent, relevant, raving reviews possible.
Local Reviews gives you a variety of highly effective, proven review collection tools, including text messaging, that allow you to collect significantly more ratings and reviews from your existing customers. 

Collect the Most Recent, Relevant, Raving Reviews Possible.
Local Reviews™ gives you a variety of highly-effective review collection tools that allow you to collect significantly more ratings and reviews from your existing customers.

In addition, our team works with you to seamlessly integrate both review collection and social proof into your business marketing and branding.  This helps to increase your review collection efforts, while simultaneously building your trust and credibility.

Manage Your Online Reputation Across Multiple Review Sites.
Currently, your local customers have the ability to leave a review on dozens of different review sites online, which can be very difficult for you to manage.

Local Reviews™ solves this problem, by allowing you to easily manage all your reviews from multiple review sites - all inside of your control panel, like magic!

Display Your Reviews Everywhere Potential Customers Are Looking. 
In today’s mobile economy, you need to display your reviews on multiple review platforms so every potential customer can find you. 

Local Reviews™ lets you choose which review platforms you want your customers to leave reviews on, ultimately putting you in control of your online reputation across the Internet.

You can divert more reviews to broader sites like Google My Business® or Facebook®, or you can niche down to smaller review sites that cater to your particular industry.  It's completely up to you.

When It Comes to Reviews, You’re in The Best Possible Hands.
Local Reviews™ is led by the same visionary team behind Shopper Approved® - one the largest, most respected customer rating and review companies in the world, and a two-time Inc. 500 award winner.

Together, Local Reviews™ and Shopper Approved® have collected over 55+ Million Ratings and Reviews, helping all types of businesses to succeed - from brand new startups to the Fortune 500.

Bottom line, we know everything there is to know about reviews, and we will put all of our knowledge and experience into helping your business become the shining star in your local market.

97% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses.
At Local Reviews™, our goal is to do everything we can to help potential customers find your business and buy from you, instead of your competitors.

With 97% of your potential customers searching online, the best way to ensure your success is to embrace customer ratings and reviews.

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