Local Reviews | Collect 10x More Reviews
Local Reviews | Collect 10x More Reviews

Collect 10x More Reviews

How To Collect 10x More Reviews

A guide for local businesses.

Do you use one of the following Point of Sale (POS) systems?

Square POS.

Clover POS.

Shopify POS.

Stripe POS.

QuickBooks POS.

Vend POS.

If you answered yes to one of the above POS systems, then I would suggest that you keep reading this short, but super informative article.  Even if the answer is “Other”, the information in this article may still be the most influential and beneficial information you discover for your local business.

How do I collect more reviews? This question should be high on the “priority list” for local business owners; regardless, if you are a large franchise or a small “ma and pop” shop. 

Why are reviews so important?  Think about reviews in your own life.  I bet that you personally used reviews at least 3 times in the past 7 days.

Where should we go to eat? What is the best product? Who’s the best mechanic, accountant, lawyer, chiropractor, plumber, electrician, doctor, dentist, florist, contractor, salon, jeweler, and so on? 

You use reviews, almost daily; well, so do your potential customers, patients, shoppers, clients, guests, and/or patrons.  

Here’s a story that I am confident you can relate to….

It was getting late and we were on the last night, driving back from our week long vacation to Silverton, Colorado.  Our two kids were tired and hungry and had been in the car for over 4 hours.  We were driving to a town that we normally just pass through.  My wife took out her phone and quickly researched “best restaurant in Moab”.  She went through the reviews and we selected the restaurant with the most reviews and highest rating.  Then she looked up, “best hotel in Moab”.  Now, this was a small town so there weren’t very many choices, but it helped us stay away from the worst places – according to the reviews – and to find a place that would be best for our family.  

Actually, as I look back and remember each day of that vacation and almost all of our vacations, we used reviews almost every day.

Bottom line is, customers trust local reviews. 

There is one more obvious illustration that I would like to point out.  How many times have you gone into a local establishment and was satisfied with the service, product, and/or experience, but did not leave a review?  According to inc.com, when a customer is satisfied, they only take the time to leave a review less than 10% of the time.

Now, how many times have you taken the time to leave a nasty review when you were completely dissatisfied, utterly frustrated, and/or extremely upset?  Statistically, quite frequent.  In fact, according to an article written by Online Reputation Management, a person with a bad experience is “twice to three times more likely to write an angry review than customers who had a great experience”. This is how a 1-star review can become very dangerous/damaging.  If you leave it up to your customers to leave a review, without any nudging from you, then you may be playing roulette. 

Now that the obvious points of my article have been presented and discussed, let’s get into the meat of how to take charge of your reputation and collect more high-quality reviews: more 5-star reviews.  

Believe me when I state that you do not have to give rewards, discounts, coupons, free desserts, or any other incentives to your customers to bribe them into leaving you a review.  All you have to do is provide a good service, product, and/or experience then give your customers a little nudge and a super easy way to leave you a review.

Let me explain.  What if there was a way, after every time you served your customers, to automatically send your customers an invite to leave you a review? Imagine if after you served your customer and that, within just a few minutes, they received a text message stating something like, 

“Thank you for coming in today.  Please take 10 seconds to leave us a review.  (Direct.Link.To.Your.Google.Facebook.Yelp.or.TripAdvisor.Review.Page).” 

Again, please put yourself into the shoes of your customers – we’ve all been customers before.  If you received this text how frequently would you take the time to leave a review – be honest.  Statistically, you will do it more than 50% of the time.  

Now, with this automatic text feature, you can get more of your happy/satisfied customers to leave you a 5-star review and you don’t even have to give them a reward for doing it. 

Let’s talk about how this is possible.  Luckily, LocalReviews.com has worked tirelessly to create integration partnerships with leading Point of Sale (POS) systems like: Square, Clover, Shopify, Stripe, QuickBooks, and Vend.  If you are currently using a different POS system than listed, never fear because LocalReviews is working on adding new POS integrations and yours just may be next.  Plus, LocalReviews provides other amazing ways to get your happy customers to leave you a review.

Square, Clover, Stripe, Vend, QuickBooks, Shopify POS

Here’s an example of how this works….

A customer buys a product with an integrated POS system; and, then before within minutes the local business, via the LocalReviews solution, automatically texts them an invite to leave a review. 

It literally takes less than 2 minutes to connect your POS to LocalReviews and then you never have to worry about it again.  The system will automatically run every time one of your customer’s uses the POS system to make a payment.  

All that you need to do is log into your LocalReviews account and respond to customers whenever it is convenient for you.

The integration between your POS system and LocalReviews is how to get 10x more high-quality reviews.  This truly gives you the best competitive advantage.

This article is short and to the point; but super important and impactful.

Here is a list of a few other outstanding features from Local Reviews….

  • Unlimited text messages
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited customer and technical support
  • Local Reviews offers several ways to get more reviews, by sending review invites in bulk
  • Premade templates and customization available
  • Premium 2-way text messages (communicate back-and-forth with customers)
  • Best-in-class social proof website widget
  • Reputation management
  • And so much more

Take control of your local businesses reputation and contact Local Reviews today.

Author:  Luke Brandley, COO

Website:  https://localreviews.com

Request a Demo:  calendly.com/localreviews

Email:  support@localreviews.com


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