Local Reviews | LocalReviews and Colligso Integration Partnership
Local Reviews | LocalReviews and Colligso Integration Partnership

LocalReviews and Colligso Integration Partnership

LocalReviews is excited to announce our special integration partnership with Colligso.

Colligso increases customer visits by helping businesses establish direct digital customer relationships. Now in partnership with LocalReviews, Colligso can help the businesses collect more 5-star reviews from their customers to bring new customers. Virtually everyone uses reviews and ratings to make purchase decisions. Reviews drive more sales. 

With this easy to use integration between Colligso and LocalReviews, businesses can not only retain their customers, they can also attract new customers by asking their customers to leave 5-star reviews on popular review sites like Google, Facebook, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and more.

If you are a business owner that wants to outrank your competition on Google to gain more future customers and then keep those customers coming back, the integration between Colligso and LocalReviews is your answer.

To take control of your communication with current customers and to get those customers to easily and effectively leave you a 5-star review, sign up for Colligso TextIn feature at Colligso.com.  This integration gives local businesses the greatest advantages to leave their competitors in the dust.

You will rank #1 on Google, gain greater social proof, and have an open communication platform for your customers.

Here’s a breakdown of these benefits:

  • Ranking #1 on Google: Achieving the top position on Google search results for relevant keywords can significantly increase the visibility of a website or business. This can lead to more organic traffic, increased brand recognition, and potentially more conversions.
  • Greater Social Proof: Social proof, such as positive reviews, testimonials, and endorsements from satisfied customers, can enhance a company’s credibility and trustworthiness. It helps potential customers feel more confident about doing business with the company.
  • Open Communication Platform: Providing an open and accessible communication platform for customers is crucial for building strong customer relationships. This can include features like live chat, responsive customer support, feedback channels, and social media engagement. Such platforms can lead to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

These benefits are highly relevant in the context of digital marketing and online business growth.

Colligso TextIn App

The Colligso TextIn app helps businesses engage directly with customers using text/picture (SMS/ MMS) messaging. TextIn is integrated with popular CRM, eCommerce and point of sale applications to sync up customer and order data. TextIn is also integrated with LocalReviews to make it easy to invite customers to provide reviews.

Sign up for TextIn and integrate with LocalReviews today!

Benefits of TextIn, by Colligso

  • Automatically ask customers to opt-in for text messages from your business. Record their consent from their mobile devices. Offer easy opt-out.
  • Text-based order notification from point of sale.
  • Reach customers using bulk text (SMS/ picture) campaigns.
  • Easy integration with LocalReviews to bring new customers.
  • Text messages enjoy a very high open rate and provide high return on spend.

Go to Colligso.com to learn more about this awesome integration and how these benefits can be your business’s benefits.